Don't let this crazy weather pattern get the best of you. Extreme temperatures can be very uncomfortable when your climate control is broken. Give us a call and we will have your home at a comfortable temperature in no time.

Green Energy

Green Energy

Want to save energy without having to do anything? Give us a call and we will come out to your house and install energy efficient items for free! Save money and energy at your Mechanicsville, VA home today.

Air Quality

Many homeowners in Mechanicsville, VA don't consider the problems that dirty air quality can have. Learn how to keep your air clean & improve your airflow. We provide home inspections to ensure your air quality is at it's best.


In the Mechanicsville, VA area, plumbing problems are no kind of problem. After all, residents here can get quick, quality plumbing repairs thanks to the experienced local plumbers at New Life Contracting.

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Learn About Our HVAC Services

Learn About Our HVAC Services

When your climate control system has broken, winter cold or summer heat may cause more than discomfort. Extreme temperatures can harm your family's health. That's why our HVAC company is on call to repair your HVAC system. Our HVAC experts in Mechanicsville, VA are dedicated to servicing your unit and getting that necessary hot or cold air circulating in your house again. We can also provide seasonal or yearly HVAC maintenance, keeping your unit in better shape for the long haul. Our interest in green energy led us to offer energy audits, a great way to save money on your utility bills. For cleaner air, we offer air quality inspections, ductwork repair, AccuClean air filters and the mold-fighting power of the Air Scrubber Plus.

Get Relief from Your HVAC Troubles

Comprehensive HVAC services in Mechanicsville, VA

If your heat is busted or your air conditioning isn't blowing cold, you need relief. New Life Contracting puts expertise, experience and honest effort into every job. We offer HVAC repair, sales, air quality audits and energy audits in the Mechanicsville, VA area. Give us a chance to work for you.

You Can Trust New Life Contracting

New Life Contracting is run by an HVAC service professional who has been working in the business since 2000. Our business started as a one-man operation in 2009 and now has a full-time staff. It is an honor that some first-time clients call us for a second opinion. Often we end up fixing their problem for a more affordable price.

New Life Contracting also offers financing for all credit types, even high risk.

As far as odd jobs that we do, we also perform:

Duct cleaning
Duct sealing
Tankless water heater installations
Plumbing repairs
Toilet installations
Plumbing installations for new construction

For an appointment, please call us at 804-426-9837. We keep regular weekday hours, but emergency services are available.