What Do You Get When You Call New Life Contracting?

1. A Relationship

Much like your own body, your HVAC system is a machine and to serve it best you should schedule regular check ups, however, even if you only see your HVAC mechanic when your AC is sick and not working, it is always best if your service provider has a long list of documented events that may have lead to this failure in order to provide you the most cost effective options available.

2. An Honest & Upfront Plain English Diagnosis

We will never replace your "blinker fluid" and our technicians will explain what they found in plain English so that you understand what was wrong and perhaps even a little more about how your AC system works.

3. An Affordable Price

We are not the least expensive option, nor the highest; often times we fall right in the middle. Don't pay more for a false sense of security and don't pay less for that guy on Craigslist who probably wont save you money in the long run. Our business is built on word of mouth referrals and trust me when I say that the big guys are our best advertisers.