Take Charge of Your Home’s Air Quality

Serving the Mechanicsville, VA community since 2009

Home air quality is a health issue that many home owners have yet to confront. Fortunately, you can learn a lot about air quality from New Life Contracting in Mechanicsville, VA.

Improve Your HVAC with an Air Quality Inspection

Better air starts with an air quality inspection. Our staff will examine your ductwork and determine where air is leaking out and where dirt is getting in. Fixing your ductwork will improve your airflow and your air quality. To reduce your costs, we will put the inspection fee toward any repair work that’s needed.

Reduce Allergens with the AccuClean Air Filter

Instead of buying new filters several times a year, you can get a permanent AccuClean air filter. It can be scrubbed clean when it gets too full. This is guaranteed for ten years, easily paying for itself.

Stop Mold with the Air Scrubber Plus

Due to moisture, your AC coil invites mold to grow. This unhealthy situation now has a solution. The Air Scrubber Plus uses UV lights to destroy and prevent mold. Our Mechanicsville, VA staff can tell you more about the benefits of this smart product.

For information, please call 804-426-9837. Our services may be just the ticket for your family's allergy problems.