Enjoy a New Life at Home With Nexia

Take control of your HVAC and more in Mechanicsville, VA

New Life Contracting is committed to delivering a superior level of HVAC service and support. It’s that dedication to our clients that helped us become one of the region’s only installers of cutting-edge Nexia Home Intelligence technology.

Offering total control of a property’s most important systems, Nexia is an unparalleled choice for saving money and enjoying a more convenient, comfortable home life in the Mechanicsville, Virginia area.

Even better, Nexia can be combined with the industry-leading American Standard and Trane HVAC equipment that you already know and trust. As part of a comprehensive HVAC overhaul, New Life’s skilled technicians will strike a perfect harmony between your heating and cooling system and Nexia’s high-tech control solutions.

What can Nexia do for you?

What can Nexia do for you?

Nexia Home Intelligence will revolutionize the way you manage the systems in your Mechanicsville, Virginia home. You’ll enjoy push-button mobile control of features such as:

  • Lighting
  • Door locks
  • Heating and cooling systems

Why wait to begin saving money on your monthly energy bill? Let our experts explain more about why Nexia is the best investment you can make as a homeowner. Call New Life Contracting at 804-426-9837 to schedule an estimate for your Nexia-equipped HVAC installation in the Mechanicsville, Virginia area!